Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm so sad!

  You're probably wondering why I'm sad. Well it's because of the shooting in Connecticut. I just don't see why a guy had to go out and kill a bunch of kids while they were in school. I mean I know that he was having problems with his family. But really, I mean why would you take it out on a bunch of little helpless kids?! I just can't imagine being one of the parents of the children who died. I can't imagine having Ella go to school in the morning and not coming back home in the afternoon.

 Since the shooting was because the guy who did it was having problems with his family, I just want to throw it out there to be kind to your family, and help them in times they need you. The guy who did this did not have have as good a family as we all do. You can do so much by helping do the dishes, or telling someone you love them at night. Sometimes you just need to hear that someone loves you.


 Merry Christmas! And pray for the families in Connecticut with me as I continue to do so this holiday season. Most people are not going to have as good a Christmas as us this year. So this Christmas do something that is better than a 200$ some present. Tell your family you love them. Because no matter how many fights you have, they love you too.