Sunday, January 25, 2009

About my birthday

I turned 7 on January 22nd. I had a special breakfast. My mom got to teach my class at school that day. She made everyone in my class sing an extra good Happy Birthday for me. And then we had cupcakes. I had a special dinner. It was burritos.

One of the favorite presents I got from my birthday was a American doll kind of doll. She looks like me! On Saturday I had a bunny theme party. I invited a few friends. I had fun. We played Bunny May I? and we made a craft and we played the chocolate game. We had fun! Thumper was the star of the party. Everybody was in her face because she was so cute. They weren't scared of her and she did not bite anyone because she was being a good bunny for me on my birthday. And that's all.