Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess What?

Guess what? I got a new dog!!!!
Her name is Shemly! She is a Golden Retriever. I love her! She loves to play with tennis balls. When we throw one up in the air she catches it in her mouth. She is the best dog I could ever imagine! She is only 2 but she is pretty big. She is awesome.

We were so surprised when we got her. Our parents only told us when we were driving up to her house. We screamed with joy and could not believe it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My birthday and a long week!

Sorry I haven't written for a long time. I have been busy with my birthday, my baptism and my birthday party.

On my birthday, I turned eight as you know. I GOT A SEWING MACHINE!!!
I have always wanted one! It says my name on it. My birthday was great.

I got baptized the next day. The water was warm. My dad baptized me. I felt special. My mom gave an awesome talk and she gave me candy and a bunny that looks like Thumper as part of her talk. I got scriptures from Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona, a hymn book from my family in South Africa, a special baptism dress and a bracelet which had an eight on it and a crown. Gabe and Benj gave a funny talk with a white board. Finny prayed.

Last Friday I had a slumber party with my friends. It was fun! We did a blindfolded makeover when two people get blind folded and two people don't get blind folded. They are the ones that sit in a chair. The blindfolded people put makeup on them. When Finny did it to me he put some lipstick in my hair! It was so funny.

We also played the chocolate game. It is when you have roll a die and if you get a six you have to get dressed up in bunny ears and cut up some chocolate with a knife and fork.You eat as much as you can before the next person gets a six. We went to sleep after midnight and woke up at 6am. My mom was really tired the next day. We had a cake that looked like a row of girls sleeping. It was cool.

Yesterday I got sick. It is not fun to get sick. My throat hurts, I have to blow my nose a ton and it's just not fun.

OK that's it!

I guess that's it.