Sunday, December 23, 2012


So as we all know the world didn't end on December 21st. BUT, that only happened because I slayed all of the zombies before they got to you.{please hold the applause till the end of the post;]} Y'know it pays off growing up with three brothers. Anyway, here are the things I did to slay them and save all of you:

                                 FIRST: I made them listen to Afro Circus for 10 hours.
                                 SECOND: I threatened to take away their T.V. privileges.        
                                 THIRD: I made them take care of Ella all day WITHOUT any Bubble Guppies.
                                  FOURTH: I made them look at themselves in the mirror!
                                  FIFTH: I grabbed the only thing I could find: SOAP! And I made them shower 'cuz
                                  they were stinking up the whole earth!
                                      I KNOW SHOCKING RIGHT? NO? YOU DON'T THINK SO?
                                      Wow you really need to get out more.


Kirsty said...

LOL Gracie you are sooo funny! It was so hilarious to find this in my reader, I did not even know you were blogging. Your brothers found it funny too. Love you my clever girl. xoxox